This is my first ‘blog’ — whatever that is — and I appreciate this opportunity to ‘go live’. Thank you in advance, whoever, for sharing the following thoughts.

I’d like to start with my perception of what is real, what is valuable, and what is therefore useful to know. Some friends and I have been getting together recently to consider words from a book entitled “A Course In Miracles” (ACIM for further reference). One of the opening bits of information that has triggered new lines of thought, is the revelation, “I am not my body.” However, knowing what I am not, does not seem to acquaint me with what I am, although it is certainly useful to discard the old snakeskin of programming that believes I come from the dust-of-the-ground, as I was taught in Sunday-school. After all, my consciousness — the invisible capacity of my body made for thought-processing — does not have its origin in the dust-of-the-ground, although that is where my physical food comes from; i.e. it is not where my ‘food-for-thought’ comes from, and THAT — true thinking — is what I’m keen to know more about.

I’ll leave it there for the time being, and look forward to some lively conversation with anyone who would like to expand on their experience of ACIM, or any other source of meditation in the art-and-science of knowing reality.

Warmest regards, Peter